Our Story

Our Story


Siblings Diana and Juan Diego Devia devote their lives to pouring their wellness and nutrition knowledge into a cup.

Devia is a journey about reflection and finding oneself in hopes of finding happiness on the way. 

Diana learned about preventive medicine and how nature could spare us from diseases on a needed trip to India.

She thought, What if we put all this knowledge in a juice? 

With the help of Juan Diego, Devia came together to be what it is today.

Being a professional golfer, He originally had other plans. But they ended up opening the storefront together (Upper Buena Vista), and Devia as we know it came to life. 

He brought his athletic lifestyle and his view on fitness while she rubbed her spiritual journey on him. So you could say both of their lifestyles came together for something great.

They balance each other out, and they both think Devia is made with half of each. 

Isn’t that what we all want? To leave a part of us in everything, to do good and give back. 

When you come to Devia, you can be sure you’re not just drinking juice. The sole purpose of the minds behind the recipes is to help you carry a happy, healthy life.